All Natural Car Air Freshener Recipe

An all natural car air freshener is probably one of the most easiest and cheapest things to make at home. You save money, use fresh ingredients and most importantly – you don’t inhale the toxins that are usually sprayed through store-bought homes everywhere.

The reality is if you are able to breathe a gross smell or even a pleasant one, it means that you are raking in tiny particles of the substances that make up that smell. So fake fragrance toxic air fresheners make you breathe man made chemicals which cause all sorts of harm to your body.

So ditch the toxins and make yourself a natural car air freshener at home.

Here’s how:

Take a tiny clothespin, of the wooden variety, and put 5-10 drops of essential oil of your preference on it. Now just clip it onto the air vent in your car.

This idea works really well and is super easy to implement. You can refresh it with any essential oil whenever you feel the aroma is fading. Some suitable essentials would be – lavender, orange, rose, lemon etc.